Rantaro Amami

By JohnBarnes

Rantaro Amami is an Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles student and a participant in the Killing School Semester featured on Danganronpa V3 : Killing Harmony.

Rantaro is not sure of his talent at the beginning of the game. Rantaro claims that he doesn’t remember his talent and isn’t particularly interested in discovering it. He is known as Ultimate??? He is also known as Ultimate??? (Super High School Level).

Hikaru Midorikawa voices him in the Japanese game and Johnny Yong Bosch in English.

Rantaro joined Danganronpa in the Killing Game. His memories and past were then fabricated by Team Danganronpa.

Rantaro Amami claimed that he was from a wealthy family and was raised as a celebrity. His younger sisters were mainly step-sisters.

He and his family took a boating trip many years ago. Rantaro was the first to go on one. He loved to travel and, once they arrived at a port, he hopped on the ship and set off on an adventure. He didn’t realize that his little sister was following him, and she vanished. Rantaro Amami believed he was a horrible older brother, and that he might be hated by his sisters.

Rantaro, however, was determined to find his sibling and, with the permission of his father, traveled the globe on a boat looking for her. He also helped his father in his business, which was seeking new markets. He believed his sister was alive, unless proven otherwise. Traveling was dangerous, especially when crossing borders. One of his travels through the Savanna led him to a remote village. He helped them with research on a rare disease that affected only the local people. After that, he became famous and traveled the globe, eventually becoming the Ultimate Adventurer.

Rantaro Amami, who had lost 12 of his sisters around the globe, was told by his family to stop trying. He will not give up on his siblings, no matter how long it takes.

Although not actually witnessed, some aspects of Danganronpa 52 have been revealed during the Killing School Semester. Rantaro Amami was one of the participants in this Killing School Semester and received the title of Ultimate Adventurer. Rantaro Amami, one of the Killing Game participants, was the only one to survive the final round. Rantaro Amami and a third person allegedly chose to give their lives to help hope win. He was then punished. Rantaro Amami didn’t know that his punishment was to be taken, but to take part in the next Killing Game. His memories of Danganronpa 52 were destroyed and he was awarded the title of Ultimate Survivor, which replaced his original talent of Ultimate Adventurer. He also received special “perks” that he could use in the next Killing Game.

Tsumugi Shirogane kills him after she has framed Kaede Akamatsu. Later, he is revealed to have the true talent of being an Ultimate Survivor.


Rantaro is a good-looking character. His curly, green hair is complemented by two tiny ahoges that grow from his top. His eyes are bright green with long, thick eyelashes. A dark blue striped sweater with a chain accessory is pinned to his neck. He also wears baggy, light brown sarouel trousers and slip-on sneakers. His sweater features a large, dark symbol that resembles Hope’s Pass High School as well as a symbol resembling a boat steering wheel and the setting sun.

Rantaro has a necklace that has a crystal pendulum hanging from the end. Rantaro also has a silver bracelet around his right wrist. A larger bracelet wraps around his left wrist multiple times. There are three silver rings on his left index finger: one on each side of his thumb and one on his right. One ring is larger and darker on his right middle finger. His right ear has six, with one a beaded earring that is different from the rest. While his left ear only has one, it has six. Official design sketches show that he has a single silver piercing in his right eyebrow. This is however not included in the game.

The uniform he wears in the prologue is the one he wore at his high school. He is wearing indigo pants, a brown cardigan, and loafers. He wears indigo-colored pants with a brown cardigan and loafers.

Rantaro Amami Personality

Rantaro appeared mysterious at first. He became a more relaxed and carefree person later on. He is described as one the less mysterious students, despite his mystery. However, he admits that he sometimes gets overwhelmed by the stranger personalities of others. He is able to tolerate some odd students, such as Kokichi or Miu Iruma and has a tendency to laugh at some of their comments. Rantaro doesn’t seem to be worried about his talent. Instead, he looks forward to discovering it. Rantaro is often seen smiling and describing himself as “not suspicious”. He is calm and composed and appears to be a trustworthy person. His speech is friendly and casual, with the use of the “-ssu” copula in his sentences (in Japanese only). This pattern is often adapted by fan translations that use teenage slang.