Made Theory “One Piece Reddit”

By JohnBarnes

Fans of One Piece Reddit are eager to find out more about the next chapter, both casual and diehard. Spoilers for chapters are usually released the same week so fans will need to wait a few days.

Fans are still coming up and sharing their speculations as spoilers. Although most of these videos are absurd, one video in particular highlights some interesting points.

One Piece Reddit claims that a new Gear for Luffy will be released. This would presumably help defeat Kaido.

First, almost all of Luffy’s form training was done on Rusukaina in the timeskip. Rayleigh on Rusukaina developed both the Bounce Man (used to fight Doflamingo), and Snake Man (used to fight Katakuri). It is absurd to say that Luffy created a new form for Kaido during the Dressrosa or Four Emperors saga.

Luffy wouldn’t have been able to train the new form, nor would he have had anyone to test it on. If the Straw Hat crew were canonically allowed time between Dressrosa and Whole Cake Island to train, this claim would have been plausible. This makes the claim absurd in nature, as it lacks the necessary information.

One Piece Reddit

The claim is also essentially absurd in terms of plot and thematic alignment. It’s obvious that Advanced Conqueror Haki is the weapon Luffy will use against Kaido after awakening it. Kaido claims that Luffy joined the World’s Strongest club, not because of a new Gear mode to defeat Kaido but because Luffy has ascended the ranks of true strength. 

Fan-made theories claim that Sanji is still exhausted from Queen’s ferocious attack. This is simply not true, given Chapter 1034’s ending. Sanji was able move so fast that he became invisible to the naked eye. Queen even claimed that Sanji would soon run out of stamina. It was proved that Queen’s attacks were not exhausting. Sanji is still able to move at a speed of almost ten mph, and Queen even claimed that Sanji would run out of stamina. While Queen’s attacks may have had an impact on Sanji during the long battle, none of them gave off the impression that they were “ferocious”, as Sanji’s handling of them. The King’s counterattacks on Zoro’s most powerful techniques were arguably more fierce than Queen’s attacks against Sanji.

Zoro is the subject of a fan-made One Piece Reddit speculation clip that claims Zoro’s “emotions have risen in” him. This makes little sense. One Piece Reddit – Beyond the terrible grammar, One Piece Reddit spoilers and official leaks would undoubtedly offer more insight.

The video’s rest doesn’t make any further dubious or suspect claims. The Zoro prediction is repeated, with Kidd and Law still attempting to defeat Big Mom. This One Piece Reddit claim doesn’t seem to be a dubious one and makes sense for the story.

In the video, the Wano Resistance force continues to control the Beast Pirates. This is a confusing and inaccurate statement. The Skull Dome’s main entrance and exit was blocked by the former when we last saw them. This is not an accurate statement, but it’s a fact that we have seen the Resistance do since our last encounter.

The video makes its final claim, appearing to pose a question about Yamato’s intentions. A Yamato double-cross would be absurd considering Yamato’s proximity to key Resistance members. Yamato and Luffy were at one time alone in an attic, which gave Yamato the perfect opportunity for Luffy’s death.

Yamato believed she could not kill Luffy at the time, but Luffy and Yamato fought together in recent chapters against Kaido. Yamato would not have turned on Luffy if she were aligned with Kaido and not helped her father to take him down. Yamato could also ignore Kazenbo so that the flame yokai reached the armory, and Yamato would be dead along with Luffy and everyone else. One Piece Reddit