Shisui Uchiha

By JohnBarnes

Shisui Uchiha Background

Shisui Uchiha graduated from the Academy in the Third Shinobi World War. He was assigned to a genin team with his best friend. Shisui saw his best friend die in a mission shortly after the war ended. He felt responsible and became best friends with Itachi Uchiha at age 5. Shisui became a genin a year later, earning the nickname “Shisui the Body Flicker” because of his use of the Body Flicker technique. Shisui was living with his parents for two years as a jonin, breadwinner, and father to the family of three. His declining health, which he lost in the last war, led to him not being able recognize him. Shisui, realizing that everyone dies one day, was ready for his death.

Hiruzen is told the truth by Shisui Uchiha

The anime shows Team Shisui being assigned a long mission. They were to chase away Kirigakure forces led by Ao. After Ao realized they were facing Shisui, Shisui ordered his team to retreat. Itachi started acting strangely and Shisui was given instructions by the Konoha Military Police Force that he monitor Itachi. The younger Uchiha was crucial to the Uchiha being able to maintain his status in Konoha. The Uchiha grew more violent and angrier due to distrust of the village, so Shisui approached Hiruzen Srutobi to reveal the truth to him. Hiruzen trusted Shisui because he was Kagami Uchiha’s descendant. He allowed the Uchiha spy on his clan to the village. Shisui Uchiha was puzzled by the clan’s refusal to stop them from executing the coup d’etat they planned and became very concerned about the consequences. It was eventually decided that Shisui would use Fugaku Uchiha’s Kotoamatsukami to subtly stop the coup d’etat plan.

As Shisui Uchiha was about to make his move to end the conflict, Danzo Shimura believed that manipulating Uchiha’s leader would not solve the problem and that he would try to manipulate Shisui as well. He decided to seize Shisui’s eyes in order to preserve the village. Shisui subdued Danzo initially, but the elder was more determined to catch Shisui by using the forbidden Izanagi and another Sharingan to free Shisui. Shisui Uchiha managed escape as Danzo and his men surround Shisui in order to seize the left eye.

Gives Itachi his last eye

Shisui Uchiha was afraid that Danzo was wrong about Shisui’s inability stop the Uchiha revolt. He also feared that the elder would continue to pursue the left eye. Shisui Uchiha gave the note to Itachi. His clan’s narrow-mindedness prevented them from understanding the suicide note and preventing them both from reconciling their desire for peace. It appeared that he had fallen off a cliff into Naka River to end his life. The anime shows that Shisui also wanted to use his death as a means to awaken Itachi’s Mangekyo sharingan.


Shisui was humble and down to earth. He wasn’t arrogant about his talents or accomplishments but was open to telling others what he did wrong. He was also open-minded and didn’t hold on to one idea. He tried to see the uniqueness of each situation. Shisui, despite being ordered to kill him as a traitor, was a compassionate man. Shisui also showed a keen sense of perceptiveness and intuition. He was able to see past the emotions of others, and was able to spot the smallest details. It was because of his devotion that the police didn’t believe that he could have committed suicide. Itachi, his best friend, believed that if he had been alive during Uchiha’s fall, he would have protected it from all.