Cursed Emoji: Unleash Your True Self

By JohnBarnes

DeviantART, Twitter and Tumblr users are the most frequent users of Cursed Emoji. People learned more about Curseds than ever before July 2019, when many people created sets for people who asked for commissions. These eerie icons were often found on sites that focused on memes back then. We didn’t have many emojis available on most platforms at that time. To express our thoughts, we also customise memes created from Cursed Emoji. Most people have embraced the trend of using Curseds in everything online.

As with most social media users, you can’t help but to follow trends when posting or creating posts. Many social media users wanted to express emotions and gestures with emojis. We can’t help but turn to memes for more expressive posts. They provide us with relatable and funny images and illustrations. The Curseds are a result of the collaboration between digital designers and creators. Some of these expressive illustrations can be found in the emoji keyboards. These include the Flushed Face and Loudly Crying Face Emojis. Check out the detailed list below to learn more about these fun, but creepy icons.

After several people searched on social media for commissions, Curseds gained popularity in 2019. These unusual icons were widely used long before their rapid rise to fame. These trends are responsible for most of the creepy-looking smileys you see on social media.

You might recognize the Cursed Emoji design from your favorite emoji keyboard because of its popularity. Some of the new additions are very similar to the “cursed” expressions that we use or see. They evolved into more extreme versions of the famous emojis. Two types of these unsettling icons were born from the fame ofCursed Emoji.

Express Yourself

Exaggerated expressions are the first Curseds. They use yellow smileys and exaggerated expressions. Expression-based Curseds are the first type we use online. These designs were created by creators due to the lack of expressions in the emojis. Before common yellow smileys were limited to happiness, sadness, or anger. We can’t help but be excited about the many expressions that the “cursed” memes offer.

Users could post complex emotions such as boredom and tiredness to creators. Expression-based Cursed Emoji provide a better view of social media posts, despite their bizarre appearance. We can now use smileys that display emotions such as shyness, disgust, shock, and many other emotions, thanks to its popularity. Later, we added the description for the expressive Curseds like Stressed and Powercry.

Combining Cursed Emoji and Memes

Hybrid Curseds is the second type we see online. Hybrid Curseds are true to their name. They were created when you combine creepy-looking emojis and known memes. These hybrids are usually true to their intended meanings, regardless of how you describe them.

The Hybrids can only be used to express what they mean, unlike expression-based Cursed Emoji. It is important to understand the history of the memes, emojis, and combinations. It is possible for your followers to misinterpret what you mean. This type of Cursed is illustrated by the Crazy Face Emoji.

The stressed emoji was the most popular on all social media platforms, out of all the Curseds. Its popularity led to many hybrid cursed posts. The creepy icons went viral on social media and many versions of stressed emoticons were created with disturbing animations and sounds. To respond to different posts on social media platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr, people used the information shared by their creators.

The stressed emoji’s design might be familiar to those who use Skype often. An edited image of Skype’s animated smiling emoticon was used to create one of the most famous versions of this cursed icon. The creator captured the moment when the yellow smiley smiled before it smiled. It looks like a stressed smiley because of its wide-set eyes and forced smile. The most common version of the stressed emoticon displays a set with bloodshot eyes. We recommend using the  Neutral Face Emoji if you wish to include this Cursed in chats. The Eyes Emoji can be used to keep the wide eyes of Stressed Emoji.

Due to its appearance, the Screen-Reaching Emoji belongs to Hybrids. It is a combination of the screen reaching hands and stressed emoji. This hybrid uses only the version with bloodshot eyes, unlike many cursed stressed emoticons. It can be used on posts to either say “You Think Youre Safe?” or “Hand them Over.” Because it is a hybrid, there are no alternatives.

The original Powercry Emoji was a variant of the shy emoji. Its features eventually led to an exaggerated crying expression. The shy emoji first appeared with eyes similar to the Pleading Eyes Emoji. Sometimes, the wide-eyed and teary-eyed expression led to a gif where someone cried.

The Powercry Emoji gained fame when people began using the erratic crying expression. We stopped relating the Cursed to the shy emoji. The fame of the Cursed image was eventually replaced by the Loudly Crying Face Emoji. The emoji was the most used emoji on Twitter in March 2021.

We mentioned that the Shy Emoji can come in many variations. Although we don’t know the exact origin of the Shy emoji, it is widely recognized and has been used in many other ways. The Powercry Emoji was a popular version of this shy emoji. They all became very popular on social media, each with their own names. Famous versions include those with large, tearful eyes or blushing cheeks.

Emoji Version 1.0’s 2015 updates allow shy Cursed users to use similar icons in place of images. The Flushed Face Emoji is a great alternative to the shy emoji. It stands out because of its blushing cheeks. You can also use the Face Without Mouth Emoji if you don’t want to appear embarrassed when you chat online.

The Xok Cursed, a terrifyingly sharp tooth, graced social media platforms in 2004. The meme was inspired by the Pac-Man computer virus. The cryptovirus, also known as Pac-Man Ransomware or Pac-Man Ransomware is a notoriously encrypted file that forces victims to follow instructions. Users refer to Xok as a god-like creature.

Unlike other Cursed Emojis, you cannot use an alternate Xok emoji in your emoji keypad. This meme shows Pac-Man’s famous almond-shaped eyes. Because its mouth is open, it’s sharp teeth are clearly visible as well as its freckled tongue. We can’t even imagine how this design could be part of our emoji keyboards. This design is too surreal for some emoji developers.