Solar Security Lights: How to Increase Your Home’s Safety

By JohnBarnes

Safety is a priority when you plan outdoor lighting solutions for the home. Your family and guests shouldn’t feel uncomfortable walking home at night.

Solar security lights provide visibility for those who frequently trip or stumble at night. With their motion-sensing technology and brightness, these fixtures provide safety. You can feel safe at night knowing you can see potential dangers from the solar security lights installed on your property. Find out more about solar-powered security lighting.

Solar-powered Security Lights: Benefits

It Shines Brightly Throughout the Night

Clear visibility at night is what makes any security light attractive. The most important factors when shopping for a solar security lamp are brightness and operating time.

Gama Sonic recommends that a solar security floodlight should be between 700 and 1300 lumens in brightness. A bright solar light will not work if it stops working after a few hours. Our solar security lights can last up to 12 hours depending on the fixture. Solar lights powered by motion sensor technology can be turned on at 60 second intervals and then switched off for up to 150 times per night.

Solar security lights can deter teens and other late-night predators from violating curfew. Enjoy a peaceful, quiet night of relaxation.

It is easy to install and maintain

It is simple to install a solar security lamp. Secure the solar security light in an area that gets plenty of sun during the day. You will need to dig and trench to conceal wires in order to install an electrical light. To properly install an electric light, you will likely need to hire someone else. Because of its simplicity, solar security lights can be installed quickly and cost effectively.

You can use these solar-powered fixtures in many other places. There are no limitations to the wiring. You can install the lights in places where existing wiring is not allowed or unsafe, such as near a water body or an off-grid area.

Solar security lights require very little maintenance. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure the fixture gets enough sunlight. Through the seasons, dust, pollen and snow can build up on the solar panel. These materials can be removed as necessary. Solar lights can be installed quickly and maintained year round.

Weather Resistant and Resilient

A solar security light must have quality construction and a solid frame. Gama Sonic GS-201, GS-101 solar security light have a durable resin finish that resists rusting and has an IP65 rating. These lights can withstand all weather conditions. Regular wear can cause poor-quality lights to fail when you most need them. Gama Sonic solar security lights will not let you down.

Motion Sensors Deter Home Invaders

A solar security light’s main function is to protect your home against unwanted visitors. A light equipped with a motion sensor can help reduce the risk of home invasion. A midnight thief can feel confident in their efforts in a darkened neighborhood. They will be caught unaware by the flashing spotlight when they approach your house and solar security lights.

Gama Sonic solar security lights are able to detect and cover large areas, making it difficult for home intruders to see. If they know you can see them coming, they’ll leave your property.

Gama Sonic Solar Security Lights With Motion Sensors

You want the best security light fixture when shopping for security lighting. You have an advantage over thieves and unwanted guests with motion sensing technology. If you want to have worry-free nights, this element of surprise is essential.

Gama Sonic offers a variety of solar security lighting with motion-sensing technology. Our fixtures can be used in any type of outdoor space thanks to the variety of styles available. It can be difficult to choose the right solar security light when there are so many options. This is why we have broken down our products.

6W Solar Security Light With Motion Sensor GS101

The light is compact in design and has a waterproof enclosure. The GS-101 green security light is an alternative to traditional electrical security lights. The motion-sensing technology can detect movement up to 40 feet away and has a 140deg detection area. The GS-101 is able to provide excellent visibility even at night. The light emits a powerful 720 lumens when activated.

You can feel at ease every night after the GS-101 is installed in your outdoor space. The light will notify you of any uninvited guests or nighttime critters in your backyard. The GS-101 will make sure you don’t have to worry about unexpected intruders in your yard.