Fat Shack: is a feast for the eyes

By JohnBarnes

In episode 1022 of season ten, Kevin Gabauer and Tony Armenti hope that there is a frenzy at Fat Shack, their fast-casual restaurant franchise. Fat Shack offers a variety of burgers, cheese steaks and wings as well as shakes and signature Fat Sandwiches. You can choose from a variety of delicious sandwiches, such as the Fat Cow, which includes mac’n cheese, bacon, french fries and mozzarella sticks with buffalo ranch dressing. You can choose from fourteen Fat Sandwiches, and they are all fat!

After graduating from college, Armenti began the business to offer late-night food options in Ewing, New Jersey. To start the business, he had only $5000. He partnered up with a local bagel shop that was only open for breakfast and lunch. He would reopen the Fat Shack and run it from 6 to 4 in the morning after they closed for the day. He was forced to keep his food in his garage and was always bringing food to the bagel shop. He began to feel frustrated by the relationship and sought out another solution.

Tony left his home in August 2011 and moved to Fort Collins Colorado, where he opened his first restaurant. He was a huge success with the place and realized he needed help. Kevin Gabauer, his college friend, called him and convinced him to quit his corporate job to move to Colorado. They opened their second Boulder location within six months. They opened their first Fat Shack franchise in Denver in February 2015. They now have 13 locations across Colorado, Texas, and Washington.

These two are clearly experts in their field. They want to expand their franchises with a Shark. The question is, do Sharks like fat sandwiches?

Shark Tank Recap fat shack

Tony and Kevin apply for $250,000 to acquire 7.5% of their business from Shark Tank. They tell their story, and then pitch their idea. This includes the creation of one of their monster sandwiches. They then offer Sharks samples. They enjoy the food, and the $22 million in annual sales. There are 11 locations and 9 franchises. They are all profitable. They claim they don’t make as much from franchising royalties which is concerning the Sharks.

Kevin offers $250,000 to 25%. Daymond offers the exact same deal, while Robert offers $250,000 for 17%. Mark enjoys the numbers and Mark doesn’t mind the unhealthy aspect. He enjoys investing in healthy food. He offers $250,000 for 17%. Daymond drops to 17%. Mark is asked by the guys if he will go up to 15% with three Sharks in at 17%. They make a deal and he agrees.

Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog provides regular updates and follow-ups on entrepreneurs who have appeared in Shark Tank TV shows. The company grew rapidly after Mark signed the deal. They had 11 stores when they launched in Spring 2019. They had 20 stores by July 2020, despite the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. They had 23 stores across 11 states by June 2021: Illinois, Washington. Oregon, Nevada. Kansas. Missouri. Colorado Pennsylvania. Tennessee. They make $17 million annually.

Fat Shack required a website designed specifically for mobile, as analytics showed that most of their customers access the site from their phones. The site was modernized to draw attention to the new online ordering platform. To complete the design, we added high-end imagery and a new online location and menu functionality.