Tips To Make Your Canvas Prints Last A Lifetime

By JohnBarnes

Many people today go with canvas prints for their photos and there are many reasons for the increasing popularity of Canvas Prints. One of the main reasons however is the enhanced life of your photos. When you print your photos on regular photo paper, you will notice that the quality of your photos deteriorates and the colours fading in few years time. You will be able to see the deterioration in as short as five years and the original shades will be totally lost in ten to fifteen years. This is not good enough to preserve some of the most important photos that we have.

On the other hand when you transfer your photos on to canvas, then its life time increases dramatically. It is said that canvas prints last for as long as 75 years without any deterioration in the quality of the print. However, this does not mean that your canvas prints do not require any maintenance or care. You need to take basic care for your canvas prints to last a life time. Here are few tips on how to make your photos on canvas last a lifetime.

Firstly, make sure that you choose the right spot for hanging your canvas prints. Your photo canvas prints should not be exposed to direct sunlight. So when you mount the canvas prints on the wall, you should carefully choose a spot that does not get direct sunlight. If your canvas prints are exposed to direct sunlight, then the colours will fade with time.

Secondly do not hang your custom photo canvas prints or wall art canvas prints in place where they will be exposed to moisture and draught. This can affect the wooden frames on which the canvas prints are mounted. The frame can warp due to constant exposure to draught and this will affect the surface of the canvas prints.

Dust your canvas prints regularly with dry cloth or duster. If your canvas prints are not dusted regularly, layers of dust can settle on the surface making the picture look dull over a period of time. Once the dust gets settled on the surface, it will be difficult to get rid of it completely. This will reduce the life of your canvas prints. Never use any soap or detergents to clean the surface of canvas prints.

It is not good to hang your canvas prints over the fireplace as this will expose your canvas prints to drastic changes in temperature. Frequent changes in temperature will affect the frames as well as the canvas surface.

If you are plan not to display your canvas print on the walls for some reason, store it in a dry and safe place. Make sure that you do not stack anything over the canvas print. Also make sure that no sharp objects are poking the surface of the canvas.

All these basic precautions will help you save your canvas prints from damages and make them last a life time.