How to care for your orangery, conservatory, and garden room this winter

By JohnBarnes

1. Drainage and Guttering

Many conservatories and orangeries have downspouts and guttering that can become blocked when the leaves fall, and it rains a lot.

While clearing them of leaves and debris isn’t going to be the highlight, it will pay off in the long-term. Guttering can become blocked in wet weather and leak. This will cause internal damp and mold growth. Modern Garden Rooms create gorgeous, hand-crafted, modern garden rooms and garden offices. They also make garden studios and bespoke outdoor garden structures that are suitable that can be used year-round. All over the UK.

2. Trees and shrubbery

We would prefer to retreat indoors when the temperature drops and the air becomes damp, rather than continuing cutting the grass and trimming the bushes. It is crucial that you make it a priority to trim your garden, especially if it houses the aforementioned flora.

The wind whipping through your Garden Office Pod should make you worry about the next door’s gate being moved around. It is not your Japanese cherry tree branches that could crack your orangery’s glazing.

3. Sealants and Glazing

You may consider replacing doors and windows if your orangery or conservatory wasn’t an investment in recent years. An older extension was also fitted with a poly-carbonate roof. These roofs are extremely inefficient at heating rooms. This is a huge investment but it will pay off in terms of how the room is used and how much it costs to heat it.

Modern glass and solid roofs can be aligned with the seasons. This means that the space retains heat during winter, while remaining cool in summer.

4. Heating your Space

Recently, orangeries and conservatories are being integrated into the home as a part of it. The ideal scenario is to extend the central heating system of the home to accommodate the new space. You can also use lagging to insulate pipes and keep them from bursting during winter. Although it’s not visually appealing, it serves a purpose.

Make sure that your boiler has been serviced and is at the correct pressure. A drop in pressure can mean no heating or hot water.