These Essential Plumbing Tools Are Undervalued, But They are Vital

By JohnBarnes

Many homeowners are familiar with basic plumbing skills. Their results may not always be as effective if they don’t have the right training to become master plumbers. It is easy to maintain your home’s plumbing and pipes. You only need some basic tools. What are they exactly? Let’s get into the details! Real Home Improvements experienced and certified plumbers are available to assist you with your plumbing issues. Real home Improvements affordable rates guarantee that we will solve any problem that arises, from central heating repairs to drainage problems. We cover an area of 10 miles which includes areas like Burnley and Rossendale Valley, Brierfield Valley, Nelson, and Colne.


Although it may seem obvious, a plunger can be an indispensable plumbing tool for homeowners. While plungers are useful for clearing a blocked toilet, they can also be used to clear a blocked shower drain. A plunger can be a cost-effective tool that will solve minor plumbing issues. The plunger is a simple tool. This will help unclog your toilet if it becomes a bit too clogged up. Did you know they also have the ability to unblock sinks? It is true! These tools can be used to clear minor clogs. You might be wondering why? A plunger pushes more water through the pipes. This means that the clog is being squeezed harder. For such a small problem, you don’t have to call a plumber. Even if you don’t use the toilets often, make sure that each toilet in your home has a plunger.

Drain Snakes

Is your shower or sink not draining properly? A simple drain snake could solve the problem. A plumber’s snake is also known as a drain snake. It is a flexible tool that can be used to clear blockages in pipes. A drain snake, or plumber’s snake, is a simple tool that allows you to remove hair and product buildup from your pipes. These handy little tools are called drain snakes. They are also known as plumbing snakes. Plumbing snakes are able to remove thicker clogs than the plunger can. Flexible and extendable, the auger can be used in a variety of situations. The auger is affordable, so it’s worth getting one. You can also use them to clear out your tub drains. You and your family can be affected by plumbing problems caused by hair and other debris.

The Basin’s Wrench

An essential tool for any home plumbing toolkit is the adjustable wrench. Two types of wrenches are especially useful when dealing with common plumbing. What makes a basin wrench different from the one that you have in your standard toolbox? It is annoying to have loose faucets and sinks. Your plumbing system is incomplete without nuts and bolts. It can also slip into small spaces that are difficult to reach.

A Pipe Wrench is a heavy-duty tool that can be used to turn and grip pipes. The adjustable jaws allow for easy gripping and sliding.

Basin wrench: A basin wrench has a long handle with jaws at its end. It is used to remove or tighten the faucet lock nuts and fill them with water. It is very handy in a plumbing emergency!

A set of pipe wrenches

Pipe wrenches can be a step above their basin-fixing sibling. Pipe wrenches can be used to fix pipes and fittings that are damaged or broken. They are heavier and larger than other wrenches.

Some Thread Seal Tape

The term thread seal tape is also called PTFE tape or plumber’s tape. This tape can be used to seal pipe threads or other plumbing leaks. To temporarily stop further water damage, you can use thread seal tape if your pipe is leaking. Thread seal tape may be used in some cases to fix the problem. Leakages in the household can cause water damage, increase utility bills, and lead to increased utility bills. According to the EPA, household leaks can cause household water losses of 180 gallons each week. This problem can be solved by using thread seal tape from your plumbing toolbox. You may have heard of painter’s tape. The thread seal tape, which is an identical type of adhesive, is used instead by plumbers. This tool is used to stop persistent and troublesome leaks. The most important elements of any residential plumbing system are the threaded joints. Make sure they don’t corrode, or become loose! Keep the number of a reliable plumber handy in case all else fails!

Tape Measure

A basic tape measure is the last essential plumbing toolkit. To ensure that plumbing repairs are done correctly in tight areas, you will often need exact measurements. You can avoid costly errors due to inaccuracies in the length and distance of your home’s repairs by using a tape measure.