Tips to choose a builder

By JohnBarnes

The National Federation of Builders continues to lead the fight against rogue trader as one of the UK’s most trusted and long-standing trade organizations. You can use our Find A Builder search to find a reputable builder or contract member. All of them have been thoroughly vetted and have gone through a variety of references. Trusted Builders London are the best choice to build or renovate your home.

Here are some top tips to find the right builder for you

Begin your search for a reliable builder by asking family and friends who have had work done recently to refer you. Ask the builder about their experience in the type of work you require.

Don’t be fooled. There have been many cases where bogus builders claimed membership to trade associations. Call the association and verify that they are legitimate members.

Refer to others – Visit them. Get in touch with the references to find out how satisfied they were about the builder’s workmanship and conduct.

After you have narrowed down your list of builders, get quotes – Make sure to ask for written confirmation of all details. These should include site maintenance, clearing, material supplies, etc. You should confirm with the planning department if permission is needed and whether they will need to submit for Building Regulations approval.

Avoid a VAT-free deal. If you don’t have proof of payment, your contract will be invalid.

Write down all details about the job. The more detailed the document, the better. The contract should include details about the work to be done, completion dates, security, cost, safety, payment plans, catering arrangements, and hours of work.

Talk straight with your builder about money.

Avoid making a large upfront payment or paying a cash deposit. This is only necessary if you need specialist materials or the job will take a lot of time.

Guarantees – Do they offer a guarantee for large-scale jobs? A guarantee will be required if the property is new.

Ask the builder if they are insured. They need to be covered against personal and public injury, as well as property damage.