Important Emergency Plumbing Tips

By JohnBarnes

Water damage can happen anytime at your home. It can lead to high water bills and expensive repairs. Anyone can get overwhelmed by having plumbing issues all of a sudden. Even slight problems in the drainage system, water supply, and pipes mean calling a plumber is a good idea. Dulwich Plumber is an area-based plumbing heating, gas, and heating company. We are located in the South East London region. Our Emergency Plumbers near me company can repair any central heating system that is malfunctioning quickly and efficiently. Additionally, our service includes repairs and breakdowns of boilers.

However, there can be issues that require you to act fast, and there is no time to call a plumber. In that case, you should know some critical tips during a plumbing crisis.

Shut off the Water Source

Your priority in a plumbing emergency should be to shut off the water source at home. It can be under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom and turn the valve to the right. If there is intense flooding, cut the main supply to the home.

Ensure that you know where your main shutoff valve lies. The main valve is often outside your home garage, but it may differ. The handle is usually painted with bright colors to help you locate it quickly. It is a good option to shut off the main supply as soon as possible.

Do not Use Chemicals

A blocked drain is an inconvenient plumbing emergency. Using chemicals to clear the clogging will make it worse. A plunger can help you initially to remove the obstruction. If that will not work, try to pour hot water down the drain. Sprinkle a cup of baking soda and hot water all over again. This will work to an extent. In the meantime, you can call a plumber to handle the blockage properly.

Turn off the Water Heater

Another critical measure to take in a plumbing emergency is shutting off your water heater. It will avoid water heater damage from energy buildup. It can overheat or burst during a major plumbing event. Be aware of how to shut it down. If it is a gas water heater, turn off the gas supply. Do it soon before cutting power to the heater.

Fix Leakage Outlets

Try looking out for a leaking tap at home in case of a plumbing emergency. A leaking tap is standard at homes. You will need essential plumbing equipment to fix the leakage. Run the leaky tap to remove the remaining water after turning off the main supply. It is possible that replacing only the washer might help, but replacing a faucet is also preferable.

Pipe Outburst

A pipe outburst is an unexpected situation at home. But what do you do in case it happens? Place a container under the burst pipe to minimize the chance of flooding. Immediately turn off the main supply at home. Turn the water valves across the flow direction to stop the water flow.

Know Your Plungers

Plungers are vital household items that will save you from huge expenses in the long run. Plungers are available easily and priced appropriately. You can seal the drainage by placing the plunger on the drain. With this, the most soft blockage can dissolve and let the water flow without further problems.

Toilet Emergency

One of the most prevalent plumbing problems at home is an overflowing toilet. There might be several reasons behind it, like a blockage, drainpipe, and a packed house. So, in case of a toilet emergency, locate the shutoff valve. It is usually located at the toilet’s bottom part, side, or towards the rear-facing wall. Immediately shut off the valve to avoid a flood.

Know Independent Valvesin Plumbing Emergency

It is not always necessary to shut off the main valve in case of a leakage or blockage. There are independent valves: sink, washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, and toilets. It allows you to repair, modify, and replace the issue without turning off the water supply to the whole house. It is beneficial if you have a leaky tap or clogged toilet.