Are Blackout Curtains Keeping You Cooler This Summer

By JohnBarnes

It seems like yesterday that we were complaining about our high heating bills. With the heat of summer approaching, we are looking for ways to stay cool and increase our air conditioning efficiency.

Best blackout curtains uk are one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to make your home more comfortable. Blackout curtains are also called “thermal drapes” because of their ability to block light. These curtains are great for blocking heat and light from windows that receive strong sunlight. Contrary to popular belief blackout curtains don’t have to be dark. They don’t have to be curtains.

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Different types of blackout coverage

Roll-down blackout shades are simple, but they can block out the sun if properly fitted to the entire window. They may be custom-cut to your specifications.

Blackout liners can be combined with existing window treatments. They will not only block the heat of the sun but also protect your curtains against fading.

You can buy readymade blackout curtains in different lengths if you want the real deal. Curtains are a simple sewing project that is suitable for both DIY and budget-minded people. You can tailor them yourself to get the exact dimensions and look you want.

You can choose from a variety of blackout fabrics, both knitted or woven. Although the material drapes well, it isn’t particularly dark. It is lined with lightweight foam and/or has a “core” made of black sunblock fiber. Your blackout curtains can be washed, no matter if they are pre-made or homemade. To avoid wrinkles, hang them up while they are still damp. They won’t need to be dried in the dryer, which will save you electricity.

How to Use It

Curtains can be hung to complete a screen for any window that is sunny. They can also be opened to allow air in cooler months. To deflect the sun from your room, place the white liner on the curtains. Your homeowners association will be happy if you do this. Many require that window treatments not visible from the street should be white. Although HOAs and neighbors may not like the idea of thermal curtains hanging outside, it would reduce heat transfer.

Do not wait until the room is heated to close your blackout blinds or drapes. To avoid the sun’s early morning light, east-facing windows should always be closed in the morning. West-facing windows should not be open until the afternoon. If the outside air is cooler, you can spread them later in the day and then open the windows. This will allow you to ventilate the space.

Blackout curtains are affordable and can be reused many times. This is a great benefit for renters. Although cut-to-measure shades can be transported, there is no guarantee that they will fit your windows. A poor fit can also lead to light entering.

What They Do

Shades and blackout curtains can reduce heat transfer via windows by up to 24 percent. This will keep rooms cooler in summer and warmer during winter. This will enable you to save energy and use your cooling and heating system more efficiently.

The thermal curtains have a side benefit: they don’t disturb your sleep by bright, melatonin-inhibiting light. This is great news for night shift workers and insomniacs. Thermal curtains can also muffle outside noise.