Simple Home Improvements to Increase Your Home’s Valuation

By JohnBarnes

What factors affect home sale value?

Home Improvements It is never too late to begin thinking about selling your house. Many real estate professionals say it’s best to start before you buy the property. You will likely sell your home in five, ten or twenty years if you buy a new house. Although reselling might not be on your top priority list, there are some interesting facts you should keep in mind. You might find that some of the most attractive features in your new home are not investments that pay off when it’s time to sell. However, other features that you ignore now can have a positive impact on your home’s overall value.

While your primary concern should be your personal needs and wants, it is important to keep “resale values” in mind when looking for a home. A home can be a significant purchase and a good investment.

Add value to your home by including features

Location is excellent

Experts agree that the best place to buy a home is its location. It is important that the home be located in a community that is growing. You should also check the city records to see if any proposed land use actions will impact the neighborhood. Although the neighborhood might seem peaceful, the city may be looking to tear down green space in order to build a freeway. The city could take drastic action to alter the property’s value over time, either positively or negatively.

Large kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any house. It is a place where you gather and spend a lot of time. A large kitchen that is open and accessible and located adjacent to the dining and family areas will increase your home’s resale values.

Three to four bedrooms

Bedrooms offer space to grow and provide privacy for your family. Three to four bedrooms are ideal for maximizing the home’s resale potential. Make sure that five to ten bedrooms are not adding too much to the home’s price. As they will not increase the property’s resale price, you shouldn’t pay much more for additional rooms. You might also find it difficult to sell if your home has fewer than three bedrooms.

2.5 Bathrooms

Ideal is one bathroom in the master bedroom and one shared bathroom. A half-bathroom for guests is also ideal. It’s important to ensure that the house doesn’t have more than 2.5 bathrooms. More bathrooms will not increase the house’s resale price. A minimum of two bathrooms is acceptable, but less than two can hurt the property’s value.

Large, rectangular lot

Buyers are searching for a good-sized, rectangular, and level lot. A home with a small yard, odd shapes or sloping lot will have a lower resale price. A person should have enough space in their front and back yards to be able to access them. It is important to have enough space for decorations and other activities.

Closet space

A master bedroom with a walk-in closet is an attractive feature. Apart from the master bedroom and other areas, there should be enough closet space throughout the home. Lack of closet space can cause buyers to leave and decrease the property’s value.

Garage for two cars

A two-car garage may be the best option depending on where the house is located. It might be a good idea to get a bigger garage if the house is near other larger homes. Two is the magic number. The home value could be affected in unfavorable ways by having more or less.

Laundry room on the main floor

To avoid being an eye-sore, a laundry room should not be visible from the main floor. A laundry room that is easily accessible can reduce the need to climb and descend stairs. Even if a messy laundry room isn’t a problem for you, it could cause problems for potential buyers and could lower the house’s value.

Comparing the size of the house and those around it

Depending on the location, the size of a house can increase or decrease in value. The value of a house that is large and luxurious will be surrounded by smaller houses over time. The opposite is true if the house’s size or area is smaller than average and it’s surrounded with larger homes. This could lead to an increase in value over time. When you are looking at a house, consider the value of its surrounding properties, while keeping the size of the home in mind.

Surprising Features That Don’t Increase Home Resale Value

A view

A pretty view may be appealing to the eye, but it won’t increase the house’s value. It could even end up costing you a lot. Comparing the cost of a house with a view to a comparable house in the same area, you will see the difference. Does the view make the price go up? It’s likely that you won’t get the extra money from the sale of the property.

Fascinating landscaping

Don’t spend more unless you are impressed by the landscaping. You might consider landscaping a sign of a past owner’s hobby or investment. Let the seller know if you don’t see yourself enjoying the landscaping in your future. If you don’t want it and aren’t willing to spend the same time and money as the previous owners, the landscaping will eventually become unattractive and you won’t get your money back when it’s time to sell.

Swimming pools

Although swimming pools were popular in the past, they are now being avoided by families with young children. If you don’t want to use the pool for recreational purposes, you shouldn’t pay more. You won’t see a return on your investment.

Multiple stories

Multi-story homes used to be very popular in the past. Recent market changes have made single-story homes more popular. One exception is single-story homes that are surrounded by multistory homes. A single-story home is more likely to pay off in the long term.


Fireplaces are charming and comfortable, but they do not increase the home’s value. Tell the seller that you are not interested in the fireplace and that it isn’t an added feature to the home.

Home improvements that increase home’s resale value

You can always increase the value of your home while you are looking for one or you have already moved in. These are some tips to remember:

Home improvements

When you are looking at homes for sale, consider any features that aren’t desirable as an opportunity to improve your home. You can make the home more valuable by sharing your ideas, including paint colors and new furniture. You can either assess your skills or work with a contractor to view the home as a restorer. A new porch or terrace could be installed if the lot slopes. A new bathroom could be added to a home with only two bathrooms. Are you able to turn your home’s flaws into assets?

Renovation of kitchen and bathroom

Consider the cost of renovating the bathrooms or kitchen in a house you are considering buying. Do-it-yourself repairs like new tiles, cupboards or paint can dramatically increase the house’s value. Remember that buyers are most interested in the kitchen, followed closely by the bathrooms and the master bedroom. These rooms could be a great place to make a profit if you can see the beauty potential.

Take out wallpaper

Wallpaper is not a favorite of most buyers. Many buyers dislike wallpaper because it is outdated and they don’t want the hassle of removing it. This is where you can make a problem into an opportunity. You can increase your home’s value by removing the wallpaper yourself. After the wallpaper has been removed, you should paint the walls neutrally. This will allow buyers to project themselves inside the home and essentially live there.

Your home is your house

These facts are the opinions of many real-estate experts. However, it is still an guessing game to think about home resale values. It’s a bet that the most valuable features of today will continue to hold their value into the future. There are many established trends. It’s a good idea for you to research the areas and neighborhoods where you intend to start your search. Your house is not only a significant investment but also a place to call home. It is important to find a home that you feel comfortable living in for many years. These tips will help you to be positive and optimistic when searching for a home.

Ideas for Home Improvement

Many people undertake a home renovation project to increase their home’s value. You can increase the value of your home by adding new features or repainting it. There are many people who choose to remodel their homes, even if they haven’t done any home renovations.

You have many options for home improvements that can be done to improve the value and make your home more appealing. These ideas will make your home more comfortable and more livable.

Many home improvement projects, such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and window replacement are common. Many ideas can be used to improve the appearance and comfort of your home.

The kitchen is the best place to begin when you are considering home improvements. A good place to start is to give your kitchen a shiny new look. The most problematic part of the kitchen is the cabinets. You can choose to replace the cabinets with new ones or reface them.

You can also make home improvements in your kitchen by changing the floor. The kitchen flooring can make all the difference in how you cook. You have many choices. There are hardwood, ceramic, and stone tile options, or laminate which is becoming increasingly popular.

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