Repair an electric water heater

By JohnBarnes

The electric water heaters are similar to their gas-fueled counterparts. Both use an insulated steel storage tank jacket with insulation between the storage tanks and the tank jacket to reduce heat loss.

The heat source is what makes electric water heaters different from gas water heaters. An electric water heater heats the water using heating elements. These heating elements extend into the tank. Gas water heater repair uses a gas burner to heat the water from the bottom of the tank.
To make sure the circuit breaker of the water heater is not tripped, first check it in the service panel. Switch it off if the breaker trips. Then, turn it on again.

If the heater’s fuse does not trip, or if the heater is on, reset the heater’s high-temperature limit.

Turn off the breaker for the water heater circuit from the service panel.
The access panel to the upper heating element of the water heater should be removed.
Take off the insulation and the safety guard. Be careful not to touch wires or terminals.
The red button, the high-temperature cutoff reset switch located above the thermostat, is pressed.
Replace the safety guard, insulation and access panel.
Turn on the circuit breaker for your heater.
If this doesn’t resolve the problem, check each heating element and replace it if necessary.

Hot water is not sufficient
Your water heater may not be producing enough hot water to meet household hot water needs. You should ensure that the household’s hot water demand is not greater than the heater’s capacity.

How to Fix
Hot water should be 75 percent of the water heater’s capacity. A 40-gallon water heater can be sized to provide hot water for 30 gallons. If you have a high demand, limit the length of your showers and install low-flow showerheads. Also, spread dishwashing out to other times of the day, rather than doing them all at once.

Water Temperature is Too Hot
Over-heated water can cause frustrations that are almost as severe as having too little hot water. This could be because one or both thermostats on your water heater are set too high.

How to Fix
Check the thermostat settings

Turn off the water heater from the service panel.
The access panel, insulation and safety guard must be removed from every heating element of the water heater. You should not touch any wires and electrical terminals.
Use a non-contact voltage tester to test the wires for power.
Both thermostats should have the same heat setting. The preferred setting is between 115-125 degrees.
Use a flathead screwdriver to adjust the temperature to your preference.
Set the thermostat at the same temperature.
For each element, replace the safety guard, insulation and access panel.
Turn on the circuit breaker for your heater.