What is a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey?

By JohnBarnes

Moving home is an incredibly stressful task that frequently requires months of planning and preparation. Things can be even more stressful for first-time buyers who are also undergoing a totally new home ownership experience. The last thing anyone needs is a drainage issue adding to the list of problems to solve. After a few months of moving in, it is common for homeowners to learn their home’s quirks. If you end up discovering a drainage problem, this can result in quite expensive repairs. This is why it is always recommended to obtain a pre-purchased drain inspection before committing to a new home.

What is a Pre-Purchase Drain Inspection?

A home buyers survey, also known as a pre-acquired drain survey, or pre-purchase drain inspection, is an inspection that helps identify issues with a home’s drainage system. This survey is slightly different from the routine CCTV drain inspection, as a pre-purchase drain inspection includes detailed mapping of the drain network. A professional will feed a high-resolution camera through the drainage system, gaining access from an exposed drain or manhole. An engineer is also on hand above ground, helping to record any issues within the drains, taking note of any defects, their location, and size. A pre-purchase drain inspection will be incredibly thorough, ensuring no underlying issues are left unnoticed.

How is a Pre-Purchase Drain Inspection Different from a Property Survey?

Drain inspections and property surveys are two very different things. A property surveyor gives an overview of the property’s condition before the prospective buyer purchases the house. Surveyors will check things like roofing, the condition of doors and windows, insulation, damp proofing, and so on. Whilst important, a surveyor won’t check the intricacies of a home, like the drainage system. Surveyors will quite frequently recommend prospective home buyers also get a drain inspection alongside a general survey. Both tests are entirely separate, as a drain inspection is a specialised service that must be conducted by a professional.

What do Drain Inspectors look for?

There are a variety of issues a drain inspection can find that could lead to expensive repair work down the line. One thing that should always be taken seriously in a home is the presence of water or moisture. The presence of excess water can eat away at your home’s foundations, cause dampness, mould, and worse. From a drain inspection, a professional will be able to tell:

  • Where your drains connect up to sewage lines
  • The material your pipes are made of, their condition and size
  • If there are build-ups within your pipes of grease and debris which could soon become a problem
  • If any drains have collapsed or are damaged

In the drain inspection report, professionals will give a detailed outline of the overall health of the home’s drainage system using data to back up claims. If issues are relatively minor or still present, this could be used to agree on a lower house price or encourage the current homeowner to pay for repairs.

How do I get a Pre-Purchase Drain Inspection?

If you need peace of mind before buying a new property, Aspect’s professionals will provide a full pre-purchase drain survey, and share the results with you on the same day as the inspection. Buying a house can be an incredibly slow and fast procedure, so Aspect ensures you have your results as soon as possible, so it can inform your home-buying decisions. By arranging to have a drain inspection prior to purchasing, you will always have these records on hand once the sale has gone through. These records can be incredibly useful when applying for future home extensions, or to prove a new drainage issue is not related to your home.