Get caught up on your seasonal activities and Care for Your Outdoor Patio Furniture for Winter

By JohnBarnes

Get caught up on your seasonal activities and Care for Your Outdoor Patio Furniture for Winter


We recently published an article entitled Winter is coming! It’s the time to get rid of your outdoor wicker furniture. We provided some helpful tips to aid you in getting ready for winter. This week’s article focuses on the importance of taking care for your patio furniture and cushions. We hope that you now will take the appropriate steps to ensure that they are safe.

All types of furniture are subject to wear and tear and degrading

Regardless of the type of outdoor patio furniture or cushions you have, taking care for them during the winter months is essential. Weather conditions that are harsh like cold temperatures, rain, dampness, and additional hours of sun can reduce the longevity of your furniture and cause it to age slowly.

Aging of Outdoor Furniture

By taking care of your furniture even when it’s not in use, you can lessen the risk of deterioration. Why accelerate that inevitable process when just some attention can help extend the life and look of your furniture and reduce your expenses. By covering and/or storing your furniture out of the elements that are directly in contact with it, you can prolong its lifespan and keep it looking better longer.

Mice and other rodents are similar to Cushions

If you keep your cushions outdoors or inside it is important to remember that rodents, including mice, seek out places to build an ideal home during the winter and cushions are an ideal place to stay and rear young. They are fond of chewing holes in the fabric and even live in the cushions. This should never happen to you. If you keep your cushions anywhere that rodents, including mice, are likely to find them, put mothballs around the cushions to repel vermin. There is no need to be concerned about mothball odors absorbed by cushions during storage. The cushions can be aired outside for a few days in springtime.

Get the Best Weather for work

In the Northeast and in other regions throughout the United States, we are experiencing better than normal weather conditions allowing us to take on outdoor activities that we would otherwise have to blow off and wait until later, or even not do. Take advantage of the glorious conditions by covering your outdoor furniture or storing it while it is still warm.