Is Chemical Cleaning Necessary for Aircon in Singapore

By JohnBarnes

The humid weather in Singapore all year round is unbearable for anyone. The worst part is when the air conditioner you install for cooling doesn’t work! There are various problems that may be bothering your air conditioner. Maybe the air coming out of your air conditioner isn’t cold? Or maybe your air conditioner is leaking and leaving a wet mess on your floor?

First of all, it’s important to understand why your air conditioner looks so problematic. The air conditioner has two parts: an internal fan coil and an external condenser. In short, the outer condenser is responsible for producing cold air, and the inner fan coil is responsible for acting as a blower to spread the cold air into your room. There are also some small parts, such as complex wires and pipes. The pipes in the air conditioner help remove the concentrated water in the air conditioner and drain it into a suitable drain. Air leaks may be due to pipe damage. For more information , please visit our Singapore Aircon Servicing website.

But no one wants to go through the trouble of fixing a faulty air conditioner. The truth is, a malfunctioning air conditioner is not a DIY homework; it is a professional job! Regular air conditioning maintenance is very important to ensure your air conditioner operates at the highest performance. The air produced will be cooler, leakage will be reduced, the power consumption of the air conditioner will be reduced, and the lifespan of the air conditioner will be extended. Basic maintenance is also very important. Simple cleaning (such as cleaning or cleaning the air filter) contributes to the overall functioning of the air conditioner.

Yes, although many people already know that air conditioning maintenance has many benefits, what many people don’t know is the importance of a special type of cleaning; it’s called chemical cleaning.

Chemical cleaning is a more effective method of cleaning air conditioners. We don’t realize it, but in our air conditioning components (like internal fan coils), bacteria multiply and form quickly. If these bacteria are not addressed, problems will occur and your air conditioner will not be able to operate effectively. In some cases, the air produced by the air conditioner can be very unpleasant. Usually, general maintenance may not solve the problem; therefore, chemical cleaning is essential.

In chemical cleaning, the air conditioner will be thoroughly cleaned with appropriate chemicals. Why can’t we use water alone? Maybe someone asked. Due to the bacterial nature, it is important to use an appropriate cleaning agent to ensure the air conditioner is properly cleaned and all hazardous materials removed.

Overall, air conditioning makes our lives and homes more comfortable. Not only does it have proper periodic maintenance, but it also makes sense to hire the right professional for chemical cleaning. This can not only increase the lifespan of your equipment but will also increase the lifespan of your equipment!