How to Build our Property Investment Portfolio?

By JohnBarnes

Financial advisors believe that higher returns translate to greater risk because the investments they offer provide only limited control and can be volatile. Property investment offers low risk investments with tangible, controllable returns – an entryway into real estate wealth building! Expanding our investments from one property to multiple will require time, money and effort; to begin building our wealth through property we must start investing now – in our own way and at our convenience!

The Continuum was built through an exciting collaboration with Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway and established in Singapore in 1983. Since that time, their property developer team has developed extensive expertise in various real estate fields. Over the last four years they have also actively acquired properties through government land sales as well as through an en bloc exercise.

Hoi Hup Realty have completed several developments prior to The Continuum Condo. They include Waterford Residence, The Continuum Showflat, Sophia Hills at Mount Sophia, Whitley Residences and Terra Hill at Pasir Panjang.

Begin with a Good Investment

Expert property investors would describe their initial property investment as being difficult, while subsequent ones became more straightforward. When beginning, start small in-country with a seasoned real estate agent in order to build an investment portfolio that is profitable – this way we’ll ensure it starts off right!

Appropriate Time, Appropriate Value

Property markets tend to go through cycles of lows and highs. Some experts advise us to watch for properties which have reached bottom, yet are now starting to appreciate in value, rather than investing at peak times of boom; who knows if we’re at their lowest point or nearing its highest?

Particularly in Singapore, where buyers and transactions often occur when prices reach their lowest or peak points, with each new highest or lowest value becoming greater than its predecessor. Therefore, our investment plan depends on our timeframe.

“Buy Low, Sell High” is often quoted as the mantra for success in property markets. Sellers who wish to sell you property may understand this principle, and aim to get top dollar for their sale price. Sometimes residential properties can even sell below market value due to personal financial issues or because of undesirable circumstances related to it.

Property purchased below its market value can increase the likelihood of higher returns, but this option might not always be available in Singapore’s highly valued real estate market. Therefore, to secure our desired purchase we need to be aware of its market value and offer an appropriate fair price in order to secure our desired property – otherwise we could miss out on some great bargains that arise! Therefore any time is an appropriate opportunity for purchase. Just ensure it fits within your investment goals!

Make the Property Work for us

Property that generates positive cash flows (rental income and expenses), can help us pay off mortgage loans or purchase additional homes.

Be Farsighted

Experienced property investors understand the power of being farsighted when purchasing real estate investments, not being afraid to make purchases based on fantasies; viewing properties not for what they are today but for their potential to expand and what might become of them in the near future – which allows us to purchase properties at prices below their market value and extend our funds further.

No Cross-Collaterisation

Cross-collaterisation occurs when we secure multiple properties as collateral for a loan application, but this practice should be avoided in order to meet loan repayment obligations. Therefore, it would be preferable if only one property was pledged per loan made.

Happy Tenants, Happy Rental

Tenant satisfaction will ultimately determine our rental income stream. When they have a positive experience in our homes they’re more likely to extend their lease agreement; furthermore a nice-looking home could attract additional tenants, speeding up recovery of rental income. Therefore it is critical for landlords to properly care for and clean after each lease agreement; experienced agents can assist them in this regard.


Although Singapore’s property market has experienced some slowing due to government initiatives such as reduced property prices, investors and home buyers still provide strong growth potential for this sector. Statistics reveal the increasing trend of this industry where lows and highs continue to surpass each other over time.

Real estate investments are considered more reliable investments compared to other options, due to its potential capital gains and rental income streams. Properties provide us with lasting financial security and independence allowing us to live life our way without worry over financial matters.