Consider Trenchless Replacement: Pipe Bursting

By JohnBarnes

Pipe Bursting is an unconventional trenchless approach used to repair an existing sewer line without digging an extensive trench. By drilling two holes (one on either end), hydraulic tools use bursting pieces (which cause breaks) through existing pipe, breaking it outwards to allow new high density polyethylene piping (oil-based and smooth to use) to be installed into its place and replace old drains without creating additional structures on top. Pipe Bursts can be considered true replacement solutions as it doesn’t depend on existing drains to support or create structure on top. Denver Sewer And Water’s team of highly trained technicians is committed to offering customers in Denver top-quality sewer pipe lining at an affordable cost and without stress or strain. We understand the hassle associated with such work and strive to make this process as straightforward and stress-free as possible for them.

If your sewer pipes have become severely degraded and beyond repair, trenchless replacement options provide an effective way to completely overhaul them without the extensive digging required by traditional methods or any lawn damage caused.

Pipe bursting is a process which uses a conical-shaped bursting head to split and remove old pipes, with replacement ones attached to its broad side before being seamlessly inserted once it breaks the old ones.

Pipe bursting has many of the same advantages as epoxy pipe lining or other trenchless technologies; however, it also provides solutions in situations where sewer pipe repair is not an option.

Common questions regarding Pipe Bursting:

Can pipe bursting be used to repair a pipe?

Pipe bursting is typically reserved for longer segments in sewer lines. When your sewer line is shorter than 15 feet long, pipe bursting may not be the appropriate solution.

What happens if other drains are connecting to this pipe getting replaced?

Each connection, however, must be exposed through excavation and may result in extra holes on or within a property. Pipe bursting is best utilized when dealing with single piece sewer systems while trenchless methods may be more suitable in case multiple drains connect.

Does pipe bursting reduce the diameter of my pipe?

No need to panic – even though the pipe you bring with may be larger than what currently exists in terms of sewer dimensions – for instance if your current drain measures three inches wide using four inch pipe as replacement could work effectively.

Know How To Protect Your Pipes For The Future

Damaged sewer pipes can be avoided completely with just a few proactive maintenance steps, including regular professional inspections and self-inspections every month. Be on the lookout for signs of poor performance, negative effects such as smelly or discolored water or any of the indicators listed here that indicate damage to your pipes; should any occur, call your plumber immediately!

Early identification of sewer pipe damage will save both time and effort later on. Repairing damage early allows you to save both effort and resources in fixing it later, before the damage spreads further and is irreparable.

How to Choose the Sewer Liner for Your Needs?

These solutions will help address leaky sewer pipes. However, before making your selection it’s important to keep some key factors in mind when making an informed choice about which option will best serve your needs.

Extent of the Damage

When your sewer line reveals only scattered leaks, Sliplining or an inner pipe coating might be your best bet for repair. Pull-in-place linings such as CIPP are more suited to fixing multiple leaks simultaneously while for an entire system needing replacing consider using bursting pipes instead.

Availability of Repair Options

Sewer repair specialists may not be as well-known among home improvement specialists, and every contractor may not offer all of the above listed services. Your options for sewer liners could also be limited depending on where you reside and which companies are available in your area.


Each sewer repair solution carries its own price range. In order to accurately evaluate all available choices, get estimates on their respective repair costs in order to make an informed decision.