Take care of your cushions A New Year’s Resolution

By JohnBarnes

Take care of your cushions A New Year’s Resolution


In the past we have written about the best way to care for your cushions. In this piece, we thought it might be beneficial to coincide with setting a New Years resolution to help reinforce the reason why taking care of your cushions is so important and why committing to it now might actually help you care for them in the future.

Why Cushions Need To Be Cared For

Lets just come right out and claim that there are four great reasons to care for cushions:

They’ll last longer, which could save you money and prevent you from having to purchase new ones.

  • They will feel happier for a longer time
  • They’ll appear better longer.
  • They will last longer.

How to Maintain Cushions

When when not in use, make sure to keep them covered or inside. This stops them from becoming deteriorated by the ultraviolet sunlight and prevents excessive dirt, grime, moss and mildew from forming on them. They must be Home Improvement cleaned whenever they become dirty or at least once a year prior to storage. Twice a year is preferred unless they are required to do it more frequently. Don’t allow heavy objects to sit on your cushion for extended periods of time. This will hasten the cushions to deflate prematurely. Check out our How to Care For Outdoor Patio Cushions article for more details.

The purpose of Cushions

We can’t live without cushions. When we sit down on an item of furniture, we want to feel comfortable and relaxed so that we can relax while relaxing, talking or reading. Cushions provide the flexibility and comfort required to let your body adapt to the rigidity the frame of furniture. Without cushions the experience of sitting on furniture is, well only short-term at the very best. You can make sure that your cushions will last a long time by caring for them.

A side benefit of Cushions

Although comfort is their primary goal, there are advantages for cushions that a lot of people insist on. However, they’re not for decoration unless they are. They also offer the following benefits:

  • They Add Style to Furniture
  • They add a touch of style to your decor.

The pattern the color, shape and design of cushions offer an aesthetic harmony to your furniture. Your decor will be complemented by the fabric’s color and pattern. Cleaning your cushions will ensure your furniture will not lose its design and continues to provide an accent to your decor.

It is possible to make your New Year’s resolution to maintain your cushions to ensure they last for a long time. If your cushions are old and you’re looking to purchase new cushions, learn what you need to learn about replacement cushions made of wicker or deep seat cushions.